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Akon Sewer is a locally-owned drain cleaning company, proudly serving Brooklyn and Queens, NYC since 2010. We provide reliable sewer and drain cleaning for residential and commercial systems, eliminating roots, fats, oils and grease to prevent blockages, backups and other problems. Contact us a free estimate or after 5pm for emergency services!

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Affordable Sewer and Drain Cleaning

truckWhat happens when your drain backs up and just won’t unclog? How do you know if the problem is a tree root, grease buildup or something else deep within your drain? More importantly, how can you prevent these things from happening in the first place? The answer for all of them is an easy one: simple sewer and drain cleaning in Brooklyn, NY! When performed by the experts at Akon Sewer, you’re guaranteed to have drains that work properly and avoid messy, expensive problems like backups, blockages or clogs. Our crews work diligently to make sure the only thing flowing through your lines is water, completely unimpeded by anything else.

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While most companies just shove an auger down your plumbing and call it a day, we actually take the time to figure out what’s going on within your pipes. Using drain cameras, we can determine the exact nature of the problem and through hydro jetting we’re able to quickly blast away any blockages. Best of all, we’re even available after 5pm for emergency drain and sewer cleaning in Brooklyn, NY! We’ll help you whenever your drains are at risk, to minimize damages, danger and cost. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or landlord, make sure we’re number one on your list for sewer and drain services. We won’t let you down!

We won’t let you down!

  • Our crews have more than 25 years of experience when it comes to sewer and drain cleaning, as well as root infiltration.
  • We offer our drain and sewer cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers to help prevent bigger problems with your plumbing.
  • Our company is fully insured and takes pride in providing all our customers with honest, quality work at an affordable price.
  • We can work on interior and exterior drains and lines of all types when it comes to businesses, tackling problems from roots to fats, oils and grease (FOG).
  • We have the ability to provide you with camera inspections, to provide proof of our workmanship before and after a drain cleaning procedure.

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    Don’t let drain issues creep up and leave your plumbing in jeopardy! Let us blast away roots, fats, oils and greases to keep your drains unblocked and fully functional.


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